Frequently Asked Questions

Springboard to Australia Roadshow!

9 Dec - One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

10 Dec - The Wembley, Penang

How do I qualify for the scholarship?

First of all, you need to tell us your interest or choice of programme and we will be able to match you with the right school and scholarship. The application requires a 300 word essay as to:

  • Why you should be given the scholarship?

  • Why Australia?

  • Why is this your choice of study?

  • What can you contribute to the school?

  • What can this programme and scholarship do for you?

We would also need you to submit copies of your current academic qualifications as well as a resume on your work experience. All applications will be reviewed and shortlisted candidates will come for an interview on the respective event dates.

Who are the participating schools for this event?

Can I request for a 1-on-1 Counselling session?

Yes, of course! You can just click the blue "sign up now" button below that leads you sign up form to meet at the event dates or e-mail us at We can discuss your background and circumstances with our trained Education Counsellor, Licensed Migration Counsellor or the school's representative for your options and pathway to study and live in Australia.

What can an Australian qualification get me?

In Australia, most academic and vocational study programmes are governed by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is administered nationally by the Australian Government's Department of Industry with oversight from the States and Territories, through the Standing Council of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment. Apart from getting quality education, you will also enhance your state of preparedness to enter into the workforce. Some of these study programmes will have a pathway that leads you to the opportunities of living and working in Australia more permanently.

Can I work while I study in Australia?

Yes, you can. You can work no more than 40 hours a fortnight according to the policies set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Most of the vocational programmes that we offer actually place the students in established organisations for the appropriate work experience. Most of these studies require a set number of working hours in order to meet the qualifications criteria.

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I am just an International Student, what are my rights with regards to working in Australia?

Generally in Australia, employers are covered by an 'award', which sets minimum wages and conditions for a selected type of job or industry (see Fair Work Ombudsman's ) As a general rule, the minimum wage in Australia hovers around AUD18.50 an hour. Students who work part-time are entitled to minimum wage AND superannuation, leave, breaks and rest periods. Students must remember that they are also entitled to a healthy and safe work environment and they are able to challenge their employers in any unfair practices or dismissal from the job.

What can Blue Education do for me?

Blue Education has been helping students and migrants from all over the world make their first step into Australia since the 90s. Our team of professionals are attentive and understanding and most of us would have similar backgrounds to overseas students or migrants from other parts of the world. Our team can provide you access to more than 100 over established education institutions in Australia. Our team is able to chart out your pathway to further education or a career in rewarding fields of interest. Our consultation or advisory assistance would prove invaluable to you because we WILL put YOUR interest first. Our head office is in Perth and we have a whole suite of services in which we can provide to you from assessment to placement with school, application of student visa and other visas to receiving and hosting you through our network of partners in Australia.

We understand that each of you is special and would have unique circumstances for us to assess and assist you in coming
over to Australia so it is best that you book a one-on-one with our Counsellor (