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Our team at Blue comes from various industries, including the education sector, multi-national corporations and professional firms.  Our skills are multifaceted and most of us are multilingual.  We provide assistance to international students and potential migrants from all over Asia, Europe, America, South America Africa and the Middle East.  We seek to effectively communicate with you so that we can understand your needs and therefore help you plan for your future here in Australia.



Executive Director

Sonia leads our offshore initiatives, with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and implementation of strategy, risk and governance models. Sonia's insight into the corporate world proves invaluable to our clients' education and career plans


Sonia first arrived in Australia to complete her high school and subsequently attained her degree from the University of Western Australia.  Sonia also completed her MBA from Deakin University, specialising in Strategy and Planning before taking up lead roles in setting up and implementing business and governance structures.

Sonia is well-traveled, having lived and work in various cities in Asia and Australia and speaks fluently in 5 different languages. She is instrumental in setting up Blue Education's international operations as well as building relationships with strategic partners.

Sonia is a Certified Practicing Accountant in Australia, a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia. She is also a Certificated Business Continuity Professional with the Disaster Recovery Institute, US.  Sonia still enjoys traveling in and around Asia to implement risk and governance frameworks as well as conduct training for senior management and directors of public listed companies.



Solicitor I Immigration Lawyer

Mansheel comes with many success stories for clients requiring Business Migration, Skilled Migration, Family/Parent Visa,  Partner Visa and Resident Return Visa. 

Mansheel is also a Solicitor in New South Wales, as well as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia, having had 30 years of legal experience.

Mansheel completed high school at Pembroke School in Adelaide.  The lure of the theatre scene caused her to move to Melbourne where she graduated with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and an LL.B from Monash University.  She is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), an accredited Mediator, as well as a Notary Public.

Mansheel speaks English, Malay, Indonesian, Punjabi and Hindi.

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Regional Director (Ghana) I Registered Migration Agent MARN: 0959773

Nino comes with a strong background as an academician and a researcher who understands the Australian education system and migration law.  Over the last decade, Nino has helped many African students come to Australia in pursuit of quality education and work experience.


Nino has travelled and worked in over 25 African countries, has an excellent knowledge about the education, social and economic environment of most African countries. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is able to counsel prospective students and migrants on courses, career options and living in Australia.

Nino holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Ghana and a Master of Professional Marketing from Edith Cowan University. He also holds a Graduate Diploma of Migration Law from Murdoch University.

Nino speaks fluently in English and conversational French.



Regional Advisor (Lusaka) I Senior Counsellor 

Priscilla is one of our Senior Counsellors. She is responsible to help plan, advise and support students in the region who wish to pursue an education pathway in Australia.


Priscilla is a mother of three and devotes a lot of her time at church.  Her background in strategic management and her involvement in selected industries gives her the position to be able to provide valuable insights into different career choices for young people. Her interest is to help them plan and achieve their career goals.  


Priscilla obtained her Bachelor of Accounting from Copperbelt University and is currently pursuing her MBA, specialising in Finance.  She is a Chartered Accountant with the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accounts (ZICA), a ZICA Technician and ZICA Licentiate.  


Priscilla is fluent in both English and Bemba.



Registered Migration Agent MARN: 1574550

Arwinder is one of our Registered Migration Agent, and brings to the team, successful cases in Employer Sponsored Program (Standard Business Sponsor approvals and compliance, Employer Nominations and Visas for Temporary Work and Permanent visas), Skilled Migration Program (Skilled Independent, Skilled Nominated and Skilled Regional Provisional visas), Family Migration (Spouse/De Facto, Contributory Parent), Temporary Short Stay and Long Stay Visas, Training Visas, Student Visas, Medical Visas, Visitors, NOICC’s and Administrative Appeals Tribunal matters.


Prior to this, Arwinder has held major roles in the public and private sectors.  He had also led in research, planning and designing academic programmes for vocational and higher education institutes.


Arwinder holds a Bachelor in Computer Science deom GND University, Amritsar and has a Master of Engineering from the University of South Australia, Adelaide. He is currently pursuing his Juris Doctor at Deakin University, Geelong.


Arwinder is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi.



Executive Assistant

Hana is an integral member of the Blue family. She works closely ​with the team in Australia and the rest in our offshore offices.

Hana comes with strong administrative and event management skills, having worked in investment and development firms in the past. She started out at Blue as an intern and progressed with the role of administrative assistant.


Hana has been with Blue for many years now and is well versed with the process requirements for programme enrolments and student visas.​  Hana is also a trainer within the team and is the 'go-to' person for latest changes in the process guidelines.

Hana is based in Indonesia and travels frequently to Australia for meetings and team activities. She is well-versed in English and is fluent in her native language, Indonesian.  Hana also serves as a translator and interpreter for students from Indonesia and Malaysia for short-terms study tours and immersion programmes. 



Associate Counsellor, Japan

Minami Sakamoto is one of our Associate Counsellors based in Japan.  She is currently completing her studies in World Liberal Arts at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.


Minami first arrived in Australia to study English. She then attached herself as an intern at Blue and since then, have grown to be part of the family.  Minami's experience as an intern and a counsellor have helped her tremendously in improving her English language skills, and prepare her for her final year at university.


Minami has always been passionate about traveling and learning new cultures and languages.  She has been to France and New York through educational tours.  With her experience, she is able to relate with international students who are away from their home country and family. 

Minami currently supports her clients in Japan who are interested to pursue the 'Australian' experience through learning English, living with homestay families and gaining work opportunities in Australia.

Elaine H.jpg


Regional Head (Malaysia)

Elaine is our Regional Head in Malaysia. She has a Barrister at Law from Lincoln's Inn and practised law in Malaysia before venturing in the field of procurement with the UN and with a major airline in Asia Pacific. From there, she learned the ropes of governance, revenue management and strategy. She understands the complexities of regulations, governance and business requirements. Her experience in relationship-building and working collaboratively has provided a track record of achieving favourable outcomes.    


Her vast experience and passion for counselling has led her to provide guidance for students considering their next step in their career path.  She has travelled extensively and understands how to acclimate to new cultures which will provide young adults with a more realistic picture of migrating to Australia. Elaine is fluent in English, Malay and Cantonese.

Monica L.jpg


Associate Counsellor

Monica graduated with a Bachelor of Science In Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University, Indiana and started her career in hotel management in Seattle, USA. Upon her return to Singapore, she ventured into retail banking and gained valuable work experience in one of the leading financial institutions in the country.  Not one to slow down, she also gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from Curtin University. 


She joins the Blue International Team in Malaysia and as a native of Kuala Lumpur, she is fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia as well as the mainstream local Chinese dialects.  As a Counsellor with Blue, Monica brings with her years of carefully-honed business and interpersonal skills, with a strong aptitude at being a people person. Her gregarious and approachable personality bodes well for her role with student interaction.

Elijah C.jpg


Regional Head (Zambia)

Elijah is our Regional Advisor based in Lusaka. Elijah assists our clients in Zambia and neighbouring countries located in the Southern sub-region of Africa in planning their pathway to Australia. This includes their intention to study, work, visit or migrate to Australia.


Prior to this, Elijah has held major roles in both private and public sectors. He has actively participated in research projects, risk and strategic management advisory of over more than twenty years. Currently, he continues to provide business management consultancy service to large public and private companies.


Elijah studied at the London School of Management and obtained a Master's Degree in Business Management from Wales University. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Lusaka and a Certificate in Basic Prosecution in Law from the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) in Zambia. He is fluent in English and local languages widely spoken in Zambia, ici Bemba and ci Nyanja.

Sherene C.jpg


Regional Head (New Zealand)

Sherene is the Regional Advisor for Blue Education in Auckland, New Zealand. Sherene currently facilitates the options for those who intend to study, work and live in New Zealand. Her background as a migrant to the state proves to offer invaluable insights to those intending to take on this journey.


Prior to dedicating her time to help international students and migrants,  Sherene used to work with one of the Big 4 Accounting firms and some of the world’s leading consulting houses.  Her main focus was primarily in the role of marketing, training and support for various teams of professionals and consultants. Sherene was also instrumental in facilitating stakeholder relationship management with key clients that included the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Office of the General Auditor (Nepal), Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Petronas Malaysia and many more.


Sherene holds an MBA from University of South Australia. Sherene speaks fluent English, Malay and Cantonese. During her free time, Sherene loves to explore different types of cuisines in the kitchen as her main passion is food and travel.

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