Sonia Ong 
Executive Director

Sonia leads the International Division, with close to 20 years of experience in strategy, risk and governance. Sonia first arrived in Australia to complete her year 12 and subsequently attained her degree from The University of Western Australia.  She also completed her MBA from Australia, specialising in Strategy and Planning before taking up executive roles in leading, setting up and implementation of sound business and governance programmes. Sonia is well travelled and speaks fluently in 5 different languages. She is instrumental in setting up Blue’s offshore offices as well as building relationships with strategic partners to bring Blue to greater heights. Sonia is a Certified Practising Accountant in Australia, a Chartered Accountant​ in Malaysia and also a Certificated Business Continuity Professional.  She still travels frequently to Asia to implement risk and governance frameworks as well as conduct training for senior management and directors of public listed companies.

Nino Sekyere-Boakye 
Regional Director (Ghana)/ Licensed Migration Counsellor

Nino comes with a strong background as an academician and a researcher who understands the Australian education system and migration law.  Over the last decade, Nino has helped many African students come to Australia in pursuit of quality education and work experience. Nino has travelled and worked in over 25 African countries, has an excellent knowledge about the education, social and economic environment of most African countries. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is able to counsel prospective students and migrants on courses, career options and living in Australia.

Dato' Yatina Tan Sri Yahaya
Strategic Advisor, Special Projects

Dato' Yatina is a seasoned senior corporate with 20 years of experience with public listed companies, business start-ups and non-profits. Her industry experiences include the automotive, biotech, health and fitness, IT, properties and media. With sound experience and skills for successful public relations, government liaison and business partnership development, Dato' Yatina leverages a wide network of professionals in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia; working closely with government officials promoting government-to-government relationships and economic harmonisation. In addition to her Accounting and Finance Degree from the U.K, Dato’ Yatina completed her Masters in Education and postgraduate studies in Secondary Education in Australia.

Fika Burman  
Associate Counsellor

Fika is one of our more experienced Counsellors with Blue International and mainly looks after our students from Indonesia.  Fika graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Management and pursued her career in HR for many years prior to coming to Australia.  She was a Branch Manager and worked for a leading bank in Indonesia prior to her new adventures in Australia.  Fika is a strong individual with a drive to empower herself with the right skills and qualification as she becomes the perfect role model for her children.  In Australia, she is qualified in providing support in education and students requiring special needs.  Fika intends to pursue her 2nd degree with Curtin University in Social Work as she aspires to help others in need of assistance and emotional support. Speak to Fika, her kind and empathetic demeanour will surely melt your heart.