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Our education counsellors services include assessing of student future aspiration and recommendations of pathways, courses and institute in Australia. We are here to help you to gain admission and assist you through the entire school and visa application process. 

From primary school to university studies, we have assisted thousands of clients from 40 different countries in the past 20 years.

If you are considering a short-term study abroad experience, such as an English language program or even thinking of extending your study in Australia. Curious about your study option, we are here to help, from primary, secondary to pursuing a full degree program such as study abroad, bachelors, Graduate or PhD.



  • ​Application for student visa/ renewal or extension of student visa 

  • Enrolment of course/ change of course

  • Change of school /& programme 

  • Advice on course selection and school visit

  • Advice on overall education, migration and career pathway planning

If you would like for us to assist you in any of the above services

If you are ready for us to start your enrolment process, click here

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