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Business, Partner and Family visa applications can be strenuous, time-consuming and a huge undertaking.  If you are looking for a migration agent with extensive experience in this area, contact us.

Book your FREE consultation session with one of our Registered Migration Agent for a free assessment and  find out more about how we can assist you to navigate through the visa application process. 

Business Migration 


Conducting business in Australia boasts significant opportunities for those with the business acumen to take advantage of Australia’s strong economic stronghold.

A valid business visa will allow the visa holder to invest in, develop, and manage a new or existing business in Australia.  Among the many business visa streams available, it is important to understand how you may appreciate the legislation better to meet your business and migration objectives.

Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa (subclass 888)

This is a permanent residence visa, granting the visa holder indefinite residency privileges in Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subclass 188)

This visa is for applicants who intend to start or manage a business in Australia (with a 4 year validity period and EOI is applicable).  There are 7 streams:

  • Business Innovation stream - for applicants wanting to develop and manage a business in Australia.

  • Investor stream - applicants who are willing to invest at least $1.5m AUD.

  • Significant Investor stream - for applicants willing to invest more than $5m AUD.

  • Business Innovation Extension stream - in the Business Innovation stream extend their stay in Australia for 2 more years.

  • Significant Investor Extension stream - Significant Investor stream holders extend their stay in Australia for up to 4 more years.

  • Premium Investor stream - is for people who are nominated by Austrade and who invest at least AUD15 million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions.

  • Entrepreneur stream - lets you carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (subclass 132)

This visa has 2 streams:

  • Significant Business History stream – applicants are required to prove personal and business assets of at least $1.5m AUD and an annual business revenue in excess of $3m AUD.

  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream – for applicants who have raised over $1m AUD in venture capital funding.

An Overview of the Process
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