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Did you know?

Australia has some of the best colleges in the world. If you look at the list of the top 100 in the world, you will find that seven of them are actually found in Australia, while the country only has 23 million people!

You also have a lot of choice when you come to Australia. There are over 1100 institutions found across the entire country.

The cost of living in Australia is actually great, especially when compared to the  United Kingdom and United States.

Making new friends

The Buddy Programme is an amazing and highly engaging journey that can develop the student’s language, social and communication skills.

The programme runs for fourteen days.Students  attend school with their Buddies and live with homestay families.

You can trust our programme

  • Our programme runs with an established and long trusting relationship with the Anglican Schools and the homestay families within the local community.

  • Our schools are sprawled on huge campus grounds, surrounded by luscious greenery, beautiful wildlife with the luxury of proximity to the glorious Indian Ocean.

  • We offer structured English lessons  and discussion topics surrounding historical , cultural  and geographical themes of Australia.

  • Our students are placed with homestay families who provide a warm and safe environment to care for their needs.

  • Our programme places emphasis on cognitive and social development opportunities through classroom and field activities.

The Homestay Experience

Homestay is the quickest way for a student to immerse in their host’s culture. Homestay families have to pass background clearance checks by the police and interviews by our local representative  office.

Homestay families provide for the meals of the student as well as emotional support and needs during the entire programme.  The Student gets to participate in all the family activities of the host families during weekends.

The High School Experience

English is taught In class in the mornings. English classes  run  on  several  themes  based  on  the  Australian population, geographical and cultural settings (i.e. wildlife, interesting places, popular activities and way of life).  Lessons are structured in order to promote the usage and understanding of the language.

Integration is in the afternoon when Students get to join in the routine of the high school students.  All subjects such as Science and Math are taught in English with the exception of foreign language classes.

Local Field Trip is integrated into the classroom studies to elevate the interest and understanding of the lessons taught. 

Students will get the opportunity to learn through the sights, sounds and taste of the rich cultural diversity of the Australian ways. To name a few places would be Caversham Wildlife Park, King’s Park, Fremantle Market, Maritime & Historical Walk, Penguin and Sea Lion Cruise, Rottnest Island, the Pinnacles, sandboarding adventure.

We can also make special arrangements with the local councils to participate in voluntary work. This would look great for the student's CV when he or she is applying for scholarships or university entry programmes in the future.

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