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This is our dedication to work with you towards a desired pathway for a successful career.


Our team of Education Counselors is here to advise and guide you through your options for studying and living in Australia.

Our counselors are professional and proficient, always ready to provide you a hassle-free experience, from consultation to enrolment and visa application.  No matter where you come from, we shall endeavour to understand your needs and strive to fulfil your learning goals and career aspirations!




Our service delivery:

  • Education and career planning

  • Course and school selection/ enrolment/ changes

  • School transfer/ withdrawal

  • Student visa application

  • Student Health Cover

  • Accommodation and homestay

  • Flight and transport

  • Other student support services


Our team of licensed Registered Migration Agents comes with years of experience and successful cases that have helped changed the lives of many individuals and families.  Our team is professional and honest and will always be transparent with you. Put your anxieties aside and appoint one of our Registered Migration Agent as your personal representative. Our agent will help clear your doubts and manage your expectations and the process from preliminary assessment to the final approval for your entry into Australia.


Our service delivery:

  • Skilled Migration 

  • Graduate Work Visa

  • Post Study Work Visa 

  • Sponsored Skilled Visa

  • Employer's Standard Business Sponsorship 

  • Family Migration

  • Spouse / De-Facto / Child Visa

  • Business and Investment Migration

  • Visa Appeal


Woman Studying

Our Career Counsellors come with years of corporate experience and are eager to share with you their experience and quick tips in finding your niche in the job marketplace.  Every graduate desires for that dream job, along with hundreds, if not, thousands out there.  Let us help you make the difference, and be the difference! 

Our counselors are ready to listen to you and help you unleash your potentials.  We help new migrants, graduates or current job seekers who are looking at career options, or even considering a career change and thus require advice in planning and execution.


Our service delivery:


  • Career counselling

  • Resume review and construction

  • Interview coaching

  • Job search strategies

  • Cultural adaptation initiatives

  • Personality and career assessment

  • Communication skills training

  • Internship placement

  • Part-time and full time work 

  • Volunteer and work internships 

Working Together
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