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Lisa has two passions in life: fashion and style, and personal development. The creation of Professional Vogue is the realisation of those two passions.


Lisa takes pride in helping others find work as well as advance in their professional career.  Lisa has designed programmes at Professional Vogue to focus on enhancing employability and soft skills.   This is important to keep anyone competitive and relevant in a continuously changing business environment.

Lisa wears her heart on her sleeve. Lisa is focused on building and developing future leaders and helping men and women make their mark and achieve their goals in corporate WA.

Natalia  Josephs.png

Natalia has contributed significantly in the education and employment marketplace for more than two decades.  Natalia has extensive experience in research and development as well as creating training contents in  the areas of soft skills development.

Natalia's agile and creative learning practices saw her develop her first online program in 2004 before online learning became accepted into mainstream training activities and the WA Education Department.

Today, the Employment Advantage Tool has contributed to the success of many candidates in the job marketplace.

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