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Our fees will be based on your background, circumstances and request for service support. However, our initial assessment on your request will be complimentary.  Do inquire with us. 

Our fees vary and will depend on the:-

  • type of visa application;

  • amount of time estimated to prepare your application; 

  • extent of services you require;

  • number of dependents; and

  • complexity of your case.


Before you officially appoint us, we will provide you a quote, or fee estimate. The estimate of charges will include:

  • Professional fees;

  • Disbursements (at cost, such as visa application charges, health cover, bank charges etc.); and

  • Miscellaneous charges (where applicable, credit card charges, fee for urgent cases and other ancillary support etc).

Student Visa application fees payable to the Department of Home Affairs:

  • $620 for Main Applicant (all ages)

  • $405 for Additional Applicant Charge (18 and over)

  • $135 for Additional Applicant Charge (under 18)

  • $700 for Subsequent Temporary Application Charge (STAC).

      STAC is charged based on the history of each applicant's visa (regardless of an extension of study period). More information about the STAC can be provided HERE.

The Fee Calculator is a useful reference.

Other costs that you would be required to budget for include:

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in which you can get an estimate or purchase the policy HERE

  • Medical Examination required by the Department of Home Affairs, costing around $240-$380, depending on the type of medical examination that is required (see price list HERE)


If you wish for other support services from our team, such as 24/7 emergency help, document translation, airport transfers, short-tour programmes, do connect with us.


If you would like us to assist with find you a place to stay, do let us know and you can provide your information to us HERE.


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