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Arrive in Perth for Welcome & Orientation

Learning the Scripts

English lessons, introduction to cooking & hygiene practices.

Mini Wedding Pastries_1

English lessons, introduction to pastries & desserts.

Koala in Zoo

Activity & tour around famous city hot spots. Get acquainted with Australian wildlife.

Table Setting by Window

English lessons, learning about dining etiquette & formal presentation.

Red Chairs

English lessons, preparing for farewell tea party & award ceremony.

Friends Hugging

Reflection & prepare for departure.

Did you know?

Culinary arts is a thriving industry in Australia. Some of the world's renown chefs are here in Australia. There are many Michelin Star restaurants to choose from. Food Goddess Nigella Lawson has even made her way, more than once to Western Australia for the Margaret River Gourmet Escape. 

We have plenty of culinary schools to choose from with only 23 million people to serve!  With popular TV show like MasterChef Junior, more and more children are inspired to be great chefs at a young age.

Our English & Culinary Programme is a fun and engaging holiday experience to showcase Australia and its culinary splendour.

Culinary Programme

Students will learn from experienced chefs and trainers at the Empyrean Education Institute (EEI), a school with established commercial cookery and hospitality programmes that have successfully placed students in 5-star hotels.

Students will first get to learn some basic concepts in the kitchen including knife skills, safety and hygiene. There will be a mix of classroom-delivered lessons and actual  preparation of appetizers, sandwiches, stocks, sauces as well as selected meat/poultry/seafood dishes.

English Language

English classes will be taught based on the standards and structures of   ELICOS i.e. English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, regulated by the Australian government to ensure quality of delivery.

ELICOS has been taught in Australia for over 20 years, and is one of the best known in the world that prepares students for high school or further education not just in Australia, but in other countries like the UK and United States.  English  studies will be delivered by an experienced ELICOS-trained teacher during this study tour.

The Homestay Experience

Homestay is the quickest way for a student to immerse in their host’s culture. Homestay families have to pass background clearance checks by the police and interviews by our local representative  office.

Homestay families provide for the meals of the student as well as emotional support and needs during the entire programme.  The Student gets to participate in all the family activities of the host families during weekends.

History & Culture

Students will get to attend school in the heart of  Western Australia’s iconic maritime and Victorian port, Fremantle. This is where the Swan River meets the Indian  Ocean and promises amazing sunsets.

It is truly a town of rich cultural heritage. There are many eateries bursting with flavours. Fremantle comes to live when cruise ships dock at the pier while street      performances and music fill the air. Students get to enjoy Freo like the locals, and will undoubtedly take home with them precious memories.

7 Day  Programme

in Perth, Western Australia

Learn English

Travel & Tour

Enjoy a culinary affair

Meet new friends

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