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What are the challenges do you typically face when looking for work in the Australian job marketplace?


  • It is difficult or almost impossible to find a full time job in Australia for an international student graduate.

  • I don’t even get a reply for the CVs I have submitted!

  • How many applications do I have to send?

  • Most companies want to hire people with experience!

Our Career Counsellors are here to help graduates find their niche in the job marketplace. We also help new migrants, graduates or current job seekers who are looking at career options, or even considering a career change and thus requiring advice in planning and execution.
We can guide you through any job application process, get acquainted with cultural nuances in the business world, and consider some winning strategies to stay ahead when submitting your job applications.  We can help you design an appealing resume, carry out personal coaching for interview sessions or even help polish your business communication skills.

Services include

  • Career Counselling

  • Resume Writing Services

  • Interview Coaching

  • Job Search Strategies

  • Cultural Adaptation Initiatives

  • Personality and Career Assessment

  • Communication Skills Training

We work with professional 3rd parties who can provide that additional support for our clients. You can find out more about our Employability Booster Programme or speak to our Counsellor if you are eligible for this programme.  We take pride in working with Employment Advantage in getting our international student graduates 'ready' for work. 

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