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Do  you know if you have what it takes to be hired or offered a position after graduation?

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Managing Director I Principal MARA Agent

Over calculations of points can result in visa refusals, so take caution when assessing your points for migration purposes. At the point of invitation (EOI) points are self-assessed. You may still be invited on your incorrect points invitation by the State's Migration office, but the application will be assessed by a delegate from the Department of Home Affairs. The State's migration office does not have to assess the validity of your documents and has no influence on the decision maker (the delegate from the Department of Home Affairs), so if you claimed you had 95 points and invited on that basis, but the delegate determines that you only have 90 points, then your visa application may be refused.

My family migrated to Australia in 1982 (family sponsored) and we only lasted 3 months in Australia ... 

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Director I Education & Career Counsellor

As a migrant, I know that it’s not always easy. To even start that process of application, it’s even harder.  But, there is always the right formula for everything that you want to achieve.  A good education is paramount. A clear realistic set of goals with commitment from each member of the family can’t fall short of that equation.


We have helped many set foot on Australia soil. Our team understands the difficulties and acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are always different. But, we are consistently here to support our clients and our students.

I understand the difficulties of being an international student in a foreign country, especially when English is not my first language. There were many challenges I have faced, but each experience gave me the strength to push myself further. I came to Australia when I was 17 to complete high school.  Thereafter...

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With 20+ years of experience, we are your study, career and migration advisor of choice

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Whether you wish to invest, study, work or live in Australia, we can help you plan from the very start. We will assess your background and aspirations and provide you with options to explore your pathway to a more permanent life in Australia.

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We represent many schools, colleges, and universities. We will assess your qualifications, skill sets, budget and long term goals in order to get you the right programme offer from your institution of choice. We will also help facilitate the arrangement of your student visa and overseas student health cover.

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If you wish to migrate to Australia, we have a team of Licensed Migration Professionals with many years of experience in advising and processing different types of visas:

  • Skilled & Family Migration

  • Graduate & Post-Study Work Visa

  • Sponsored Skilled Visa

  • Employer-Sponsored Visa

  • Spouse / De-Facto / Child Visa

  • Business & Investment Migration

  • Visa Appeal

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We have a team of highly experienced trainers who can help graduates and migrants transition into the Australian workplace. Our services include personal development, arrangement of internship and work placement opportunities. 

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Our HQ is in Perth and we have partners in all major cities in and around Australia. We offer a range of support services, including orientation, on-boarding sessions, accommodation, home-stay, farm-stay. transport, health insurance and 24/7 hotline care.

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Our counsellors are multilingual. We help clients from Africa to Europe, the Sub-Continent to Asia and China.


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We are still committed to bring to you latest information from relevant experts in the industry through online information sharing sessions and face-to-face meetings.  If you are worried about your study pathway, or visa options, register your interest with us and our team of professional consultants will connect with you.


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