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From time to time, we will hold events and online information sharing sessions on study, migration and career planning in which you can participate. You can register your interest below and we will notify you when our session is scheduled.

You can also browse through some of the upcoming events that may interest you.

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In case you have missed any of these sessions, you can register your interest with us.


InfoLive on the Registration of Nurses Process especially for Internationally Qualified Nurses & Midwives (IQNMs).

Date: 18 Dec 2020, 4:00pm - 5:00pm


                    Listen to the LiveSession 


InfoLive on How to get an Australian award with a pathway towards PR in Australia

Date: 7 Jul 2020, 12:00pm - 12:45pm



                    Listen to the LiveSession 

International students who are interested to pursue an automotive and management pathway can tune in to this session with Apeiro Institute. Find out how you can participate in the learning programme and gain industry experience in this industry.


InfoLive with Taylors College & the University of Western Australia  


Date: 11 Jun 2020

                 Listen to the LiveSession 

International students have the option to complete a foundation course with a pathway to a 1st year degree programme at UWA; or study a Diploma in Business or Science for entry into the 2nd year of a relevant degree programme at this prestigious G8 University.


InfoLive with Southern Cross University

Date: 27 May 2020


              Listen to the LiveSession 

Are you interested in studying in Perth or Sydney? This live session focuses on Southern Cross University's programmes in Perth and Sydney. They have a large selection of courses and are in popular demand with their MBA, Masters of IT and Project Management programmes. 

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Infolive with the University of Notre Dame


Date: 29 April 2020


              Listen to the LiveSession 

International students have the opportunity to study nursing in Australia at the University of Notre Dame in Perth, Broome and Sydney. These programmes are suitable for those interested to pursue a nursing pathway as well as for those who are registered nurses in their home country, wishing to enhance their skills and get their registration recognised in Australia. The University of Notre Dame consists of 9 faculties, from arts & sciences, to business, education, law, health sciences, nursing, physiotherapy, medicine and philosophy & theology.

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