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How to apply for a research degree?

Students intending to apply for research degrees would include Master of Philosophy, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

There are a few things that you need to know before you start our application.

You should meet the eligibility criteria first which means, you should have have undertaken a research component in your previous studies.

This could be:-

  • an Australian honours degree;

  • a master’s by research degree; or

  • a master’s by coursework with a thesis component (dissertation).

If you have attained your qualifications from overseas, generally, a master or bachelor degree with first or upper second class honors will be considered.

Apart from meeting the English language requirement, there are two (2) things that the applicant needs to prepare for.

One, is your research proposal.

Two, is to find an academic research supervisor at the university of your choice.

How do you prepare a research proposal? First and foremost, your research proposal needs to have a title. What is your research topic? You should include an overview of your research in the introduction of your proposal. You should also mention existing research there are available, literature and research updates on your topic. Make sure elaborate on why your research topic is important and be worthy of time invested in the research work.

How do I find an appropriate research supervisor?

Universities have a list of supervisors with their credentials on their websites. You need to shortlist a number of supervisors rather than pick one or two. Not all will agree to supervising you in your research initiative unless the supervisor finds relevance and value in his or her field of expertise. Remember, your supervisors will need to invest time and effort into your work so you need to 'win' them over with your initial proposal. Once you are enrolled, your supervisor will assist you in polishing your research proposal and you can then prepare your documents for submission to the academic board for review.

If you need assistance in finding the right university and supervisors for your research project, do connect with us. The Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships are available for international students but are limited in numbers as application for these scholarships are highly competitive. Indicative fees for a year of research at the university here in Australia is around $36,000 to $50,000, depending on the university.

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