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Is migrating to Australia a good option for me?

Deciding whether migrating to Australia is a good option for you depends on several factors, including your individual circumstances, goals, and preferences. While I can provide some general information, it is important to conduct a thorough research and consider seeking professional advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are some key points to consider:

Job opportunities

Australia has always been known to have strong economic fundamentals that have withstood the last 2 GFCs. It is truly a land of opportunities across many sectors, from mining to oil and gas, education, banking, travel and tourism, agriculture, science, and research. You should start with some groundwork, identifying and assessing the demands for your occupation or skillset in Australia so that you might be able to explore the relevant visa options. Getting a visa to migrate to Australia doesn’t necessarily equate to getting you a job instantly. But if your skillset is highly sought after, then it is more likely that you can settle down quicker with a full-time paying job when you land in Australia.

Visa options

Australia, just like Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, offer a wide range of visa categories for one to apply. There are skilled migration visas, student visas, specific post study work visas, spouse and family sponsored visas, special talent visas and business talent and investment visas. It is always wise to have your CV updated with your education and work experience in order to present to a licensed migration professional so that you can ascertain if you are indeed eligible for any of these visas. The Australian Department of Home Affairs’ website offers comprehensive information about all visa types, but you might find it overwhelming through an overload of information. Hence, you should be open to seeking assistance and advice from an experienced and trusted Registered Migration Agent in assisting you with your options and strategy moving forward.


Australia has always been a leader in providing high-quality education and no doubt, it has become a popular choice for international students. If you are looking to pursue further education, Australia offers over a thousand programmes and institutions to choose from, ranging from vocational training to post graduate degrees. It is also a great opportunity for those who are not sure if Australia is right for them, so naturally, studying in Australia gives you the time you need to consider if you can live here permanently and if you can land yourself a job that pays well and fulfils your hierarchy of needs. Don’t forget, students who complete a selected set of vocational training or higher education can be eligible to apply for a post study work visa to remain in the country. Choosing the right programme of studies can also lead you to having the right skillset and job that can maximise your opportunities for a permanent visa.

Cultural Diversity and Adjustment

Moving to a new country can be daunting for many. But for some, it can be an adventure. Nevertheless, one must take note that moving to a new country involves a lot of effort to adapt to the different culture, lifestyle, and social norms. Having said that, Australia is very multicultural who welcomes diversity. Australia’s main language of communication is English. If you wish to make new friends and establish new networks, you must learn to appreciate the diversity around you and assimilate into your new surroundings as soon as possible. One way of achieving this effectively is to ensure you have a good command in English so that you can communicate effectively. If you lack the confidence, make the effort to improving your communication skills. You need to be heard and to be understood. Similarly, you need to be able to listen and understand the other party. Then, messages can be exchanged more seamlessly, and you will find that it is easier to make new friends.

Cost of Living

Australia does have a high standard of living and that comes with a high cost of maintenance as well. Some of the cities in Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne can be relatively expensive, especially when it comes to housing. However, Melbourne has typically placed itself within the 10 most liveable city in the world, according to the Global Livability Ranking which is a yearly assessment published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). There are other cities that one can consider with lower housing options, such as Adelaide and Perth. Housing cost vary between suburbs to suburbs, and rents are normally calculated per week. Which you would have to take into consideration for financial planning and the choice of frequency of your pay coming into your bank account.

Separation anxiety

Relocation is a huge deal. Physically, you will be further away from your family and friends and everything that is familiar around you. Mentally you are cautious and tired because you will have to find a new set of routines and a new set of people who can provide you the emotional support that you need. Being away from home is difficult, and setting up a new home in a foreign country will take time. You will need the time to learn and re-learn new things, and for you to adjust and appreciate the new opportunities that come along.

Ultimately, the decision to immigrate depends on your specific circumstances and priorities. If you need assistance in identifying your options and action plans, get in touch with our team.

Our Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers have a combined experience of over 20 years. Blue Education & Migration has been around for over 20 years.



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