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Lodging your interest for a Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) – a simplified approach

There are many ways to consider applying for a Skilled Nominated Visa to live and work in Australia. With the visa, you can work and study anywhere in Australia, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence and eventually, become an Australian citizen. How do you go about understanding the process and find out if you are eligible for the visa? You need to fulfil 4 criteria:

  1. You must have an occupation on the relevant skills list (note that the ‘key word’ here is ‘occupation’ and not what you graduated from).

  2. Attain a positive outcome on the assessment that recognises your skills for the occupation.

  3. Get invited to then ‘apply’ for the visa (which means, prior to this, step, you have actually NOT applied for your visa yet)

  4. Ensure that you satisfy the points test (points claimed for your invite needs to meet the minimum points you were invited on, i.e. if you were invited on 70 points but the Department assess your points to be less than that, then the visa may be refused).

An overview of the whole process is as follow:


We will require documentation to determine your eligibility (full skills assessment, resume, qualifications, employment evidence and English test results).


Once eligibility is determined, an Expression of Interest (EOI) will be lodged to identify your interest for a particular skilled occupation.


Ensure that your documents are verified up-to-date and additional criteria for the invitation will be met when an invite is successful.


You will need to meet invite requirements prior to the invitation being confirmed. Once the criteria are completed, an invite will be sent to your EOI that will allow you to apply directly to the visa subclass you were invited to. This is where your points claimed will come under scrutiny as the State invitation does not require full verification for your claimed points. Over claiming points can end with a refusal, so caution needs to be exercised in claiming points.

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