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Sub-Class 485 (Post-Study Work Stream Simplified)

Australia is currently one of the safest nations in the world since the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic reared its head in December 2019. Blessed with no common borders with the rest of the world, Australians have been able to enjoy a safe environment due to strict border enforcement and genuine community spirit to follow government guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus in its community.

Post COVID-19, Australia will be a good country to consider opportunities for work life balance. Australian education has long been a pathway used by many to seek out opportunities after completing their studies in Australia. However, due to border closures since March 2020, this has prevented many from exploring this option. After completing qualified Australian education options in Australia, the subclass 485 visa have been used as an option to provide student visa holders to remain in Australia with full working rights to gain Australian working experiences. With the limitations of border closures, the subclass 485 visa was amended to provide potential students, looking to explore post education work opportunities in Australia, with the possibility of achieving this without needing to complete their entire studies in Australia. To qualify for the subclass 485 visa, student visa holders were required to complete qualifying studies in Australia to meet the Australia study requirement criteria. To meet the Australian study requirement, you must have completed either:

  • a single eligible qualification that requires at least 2 academic years study, or

  • more than 1 qualification that results in a total of at least 2 academic years study resulting in an eligible qualification.

The study must be completed in Australia with no less than 16 calendar months while you held a student visa (subclass 500). With the new amendments, this is no longer required and any candidate who commence their studies while not in Australia (online delivery) and holds a student visa but was unable to enter Australia to commence studies due to border restrictions, will still be eligible to obtain the subclass 485 visa once borders open and are able to continue studies in Australia.

If you are interested to find out more about this opportunity and do not want to delay your study plans, then contact us for more information. Depending on the location of your study and course of study, there may be a possibility of also extending your subclass 485 visa for another 1 to 2 years. Do not delay and let us help you now. This amendment may change when borders re-open and the world begins to reduce travel restrictions between borders once this pandemic is more controlled, so you need to act now or miss this opportunity.

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