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Why is it so difficult for me to get a job in the industry after graduation?

International students who graduate in Australia are often faced with the dilemma of 'do I want to stay in Australia' or 'do I want to go home' to start my career?
Australia offers many graduates the opportunity to apply for a temporary graduate visa to remain in Australia for up to 5 years on a temporary visa with full working rights. This particular visa is very helpful in allowing graduates to seek opportunities for further training and work experiences in Australia. Depending on the skilled occupation they end up in, there are possible migration opportunities as well. However, the process of entering into an Australian workforce can be very challenging when certain 'Australian norms' are not understood by the graduate. "The Australian government is inviting too many migrants when the companies here in Australia are not readily willing to take them on due to 'cultural differences' - companies rather hire their mates' mates" says T.C. who is a Senior Recruiter with a leading recruitment agency in Australia.
What the comment above really is trying to say is, irrespective of whether you think you are a great candidate for a particular position, there is a need to understand how employers think when it comes to hiring an individual for a position. There is an important need to understand Australian workplace culture to provide the individual with added advantage when they are seeking employment in Australia. Workplace culture is not a subject that is often taught or discussed during your studies and understanding this component can provide the individual with that added advantage when seeking employment after graduation. Despite the many years provided by the Temporary Graduate visa to provide the visa holder to start their career journey, time does fly when the individual is faced with rejection after rejection because they did not understand what employers are looking for. Having completed your education is only one component in the equation. There are many other factors that need to be considered in order to gain positive results from seeking employment as a fresh graduate. Time is of the essence and should not be wasted. We have helped many graduates understand how employers select candidates and if you want to improve your credentials, contact us and we will assist in getting you on the right track.

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